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We have hundreds of testimonials gained through direct experience of letting people try out our Living Organic Silica Topical Gel. Everything from pains in the knees, shoulders, back, muscles, hands, elbows... just about every area of the body. 

It has proven itself to offer QUICK pain relief in under 30 seconds to a few minutes. Call us and ask about testimonials that we have received and ask if it has the potential to help any discomfort that you may have too!    


The ingredients are simple: Purified water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, organic silica (monomethylsilanol), citrus grandis, glycerin and silica.

The ingredients are so simple and it works so effective, I have let so many family and friends try out my own bottle of LOS Gel to see how quick it works on their pains!

"I've had knee pain for well over a year and would feel sore when I got out of bed, the car, when I'd bend down, all day it was there. One hour after I took the Silica, I felt relief. One week later, I had absolutely no pain." -Lauren H.

I have used this particular silica for several years and it is the best one out there!! The results are nothing short of amazing! Amongst the many, many, benefits I have seen: my teeth are no longer sensitive and I have not had one cavity since using this, when I used to have them yearly; my skin glows; my joints no longer hurt; my nails are stronger and longer. That's just a few of the most obvious benefits. I have tried the other big brands of silica out there and nothing comes close to this. Stop wasting your money on the inferior silica and start your path to a younger appearance and reduce your aches and pains with this amazing product! I buy it by the case so I don't run out..that's how important it is to my health. I won't go a day without it!

"I still had lingering pain after two surgeries on the same herniated disk. After using the liquid silica daily and applying the silica gel on my lower back, the pain is now gone. I also had a lot of tooth sensitivity, and had frequent cavities. My sensitivity is gone, and I havent had one cavity! This product is amazing." -Olivier D.

"The LOS Topical is the only thing that relieves the pain of the two missing discs in my spine." - Susan M.

"The Silica Gel is the only thing besides Lobelia Oil that takes away the pain from the two missing discs in my spine." - Linda W.

"When I first took the Silica, I must have had a healing reaction because everything hurt; hips, knees, teeth but was short lived (two days). Flat feet combined with my hip motion caused a hard foot strike and was not easy on my structure. So, I went on a walk the third day and I first realized my increased range of motion then noticed my pain was completely gone. I was more than suprised! I wasn't looking for that but it just happened. Two months later I'm still finding relief."  -Joe R.

Within minutes of applying the Silica Gel, the swelling in my hands has decreased to a state of no pain and comfort! - Jackie L.

"This silica has helped extend my profressional soccer career and had given me the ability to recover quickly with training."- Dominick M.

LOS Topical Gel removed the arthritis pains in my fingers in under a few minutes!


After being a muscician for 40+ years, this worked almost instantly on the pains in my hands. (LOS Gel)

I was suprised on how effective this was on relieving the pains in my knees. I am so glad i tried out the sample bottle at the Farmers Market.  (LOS Gel) 

Use of Silica liquid, Silica Gel and Hermatyk Oil was used on Barbara Watry during injury.

See x-ray above for miraculous results!

Orgone Field Generator

"The static in my head disappears when around Energy Generator."

"Other effects that are felt from the Orgone Generator are very tingling."

"Placing the Orgone Field Generator in my home has made my cats stop fighting."

"We have noticed that our wheatgrass grows thicker and faster."

"When I walk in the area were the Orgone field Generator is I feel at peace and calmer."

"Having the Orgone Field Generator in my room calms my head and lets me sleep."

Feeling that comes off the Orgone Generator is peaceful and warm."

"The Orgone Generator has made my Kefir grains grow faster."

"I can think better around Orgone Field Generator."

Hermatyk Angel Oil Testimony

-Vivid  Dreams never seen before with Geometric forms.
-Pain relief within seconds.

-After putting Hermatyk oil on my shoulder and was able to lift my arms up. I had not been able to do this for 10 years.
-Swelling finger went down after nothing else worked.

-Smashed finger in so much pain, Hermatyk oil not only taken pain away from finger but repaired damage within hours.

-Hermatyk Oil took care of painful bones.

-I couldn't stop laughing and feeling happy even after a harsh tragedy.

-Helped me cope with anxiety.-Helped me to eliminate after being plugged up for 1 week.

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