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Biological Transmutation



Louis Kervran developed the full theory of protonization, or biological transmutation that allows all living things to turn silica into calcium and vice versa.


Following this research to its natural conclusion, we must admit that eating dolomite will not make our bones stronger. We need to ingest natural silica in an absorbable form. Another French scientist comes into the picture, Loic Le Ribault. His discovery introduces organic (carbon-bound) silica that has proved to be extremely effective at fixing broken connective tissue – bones, cartilage, hair, nails, and even the skin. And would you believe that nerves and skin are closely related? Or that healthy connective tissue is the basis of most functions in your body? The story of Loic Le Ribault reads much like a Grisham novel …

I want to bring it all together for you: your existence as a living being is very much dependent on the tiny electrical exchanges that take place inside your cells, and between your cells. These electric events are predicated on the quality of the electrolyte, and that is completely dependent on the minerals dissolved in the fluids. Much like the health of your swimming pool that is related to the TDS values (Total Dissolved Solids), your own inner pool is also critically influenced by the dissolved minerals within. The quality of your life is dictated by the quality of your electrolyte.





















If your food is grown in fields that are depleted, and if it is grown with fertilizers that make it grow too fast, what chance do you have of getting enough minerals by eating it? You need trace minerals, and you need magnesium – the most common deficiencies found. Correct it, and avoid a broad range of degenerative illnesses.

Learn about Magnesium, or Silica and Trace Minerals.


One of the ways your body deals with pH imbalance is by pulling calcium (the most alkalizing mineral in your body) out of the bones into the fluids to buffer the acidity. You will notice that even though you may have lost calcium from your bones, you have not lost any weight – that’s because the calcium has not left your body. It is waiting to be put back in the bones when conditions improve.



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