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Look younger, feel better, restore your health internally and externally!


     ORGANIC SILICA is not just ordinary silica, its totally organic! By having an organic structure, our form of silica is in its most absorbable and effective form, giving you the best of what you need.

      Even the healthiest of eaters are only getting small amounts of Silica in their daily diets because the soils are so depleted of it and very little is coming up through the soil. Imagine the toll this has taken on peoples Skin, Hair, Nails, Bones, and ALL CONNECTIVE TISSUE!  Silica has always been considered the number one mineral for supporting joints, bones, muscles, collagen, and tissues.   

Living Orgono Silica Liquid (1000ml)

$54.95 Regular Price
$49.46Sale Price
  •      Athletes have used it to promote their joints and muscles to function at maximum performance.  The elderly to ensure proper joint stability.  Chiropractors and body workers for a deeper massage.  Spa and skin beauty professionals as a way to bring youthfulness and radiance back to the skin.

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