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Look younger, feel better, restore your health internally and externally.

     Products for Nature is dedicated to research and design products for the best effects on improving human and environmental health and growth.  Products for Nature has been in business since 1984.

Working out of our home selling and providing information concerning natural fertilizers and alternative energy for optimum growth of plants. (Growing 22ft cornstalks with 28inch corncobs, beets size of watermelons. Getting in tuned with Nature we grew tomatoes tasting  like ketchup with 32 foot vines).

Research and development of alternative thinking and energy.

     Broadening and reaching out to others by lecturing and teaching at Colleges, Alternative Fairs, SANT, Hospitals, TV stations , Longacre house, churches, etc. Providing workshops and seminars with alternative thinking (Sponsoring, Hosting  and exchanging information with Dr. Richard Blasban, James Demeo, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Richard Bray, Eva Reich, Lois Wyvell, Dr. Ernest Shearer, Dr. Bill Kenner,  Betty Lee Moralis,  Joseph Cater, Galen Hieronymus, Betty Zorotivich, Gaston Naessens, Chuck Walters (Acres USA),  Irene Gauthier (Myomassology Institute), Herbalist Eugene Watkins, Steiner Teachers and many other famous Individuals practicing Alternative Methods).

     Opening another business space exposing and selling Organic and Biodynamic produce, Alchemy tinctures, Massage, Egyptian Jewelry, Tai chi, food and diet courses, etc

Later establishing a larger business called The Treehouse for Earths Children for better exposure and Community Effort. We strive and continue to find the best products made from Nature to help our planet Earth and all its endeavors.


Further growth towards Community Support and establishing Land for Future Awareness Techniques.

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